With wait times that can be over an hour, it’s no wonder we are called patients. Today, primary care doctors often see upwards of 30 patients a day. That’s why you have to wait so long for a 15-minute visit. At CompleteMD our doctors limit patient panels to allow ample time with each patient visit. So there’s never a long wait. You’ll also have the time you and your doctor need for a proper assessment. We think you’ve got better things to do than sit around reading old magazines.


With an average wait time of 24 days to see a doctor, what do you do if you’re sick? Due to the volume of patients, doctors must see daily, it’s no wonder getting an appointment is near impossible. Patients often have to go to Urgent Cares when they need immediate attention. At CompleteMD, we think it’s important that your doctor is there when you need them. Our doctors significantly limit their patient panel so we can guarantee you access should the need arise.

The Service you Want.
The attention you deserve.

  • Access to the best Doctors
  • Putting patients first
  • Being proactive rather than reactive
  • Having state of the art proprietary digital tools put patients in control of their own health

Your Partner In the
best health of your life.

As a CompleteMD patient, you’ll be given a comprehensive health and wellness evaluation that will determine your best path forward.

Our mission at CompleteMD is to give everyone involved a better quality of life.

Our Wellness Program.

This isn’t your ordinary annual physical. Like everything else with CompleteMD, our wellness program is a whole new ballgame. We’re all familiar with the typical annual physician where a nurse takes your vitals before you get to see your doctor for a brief checkup.

The CompleteMD Wellness Program starts with your doctor performing a detailed and comprehensive health screening with advanced diagnostic tests, which are included in your annual membership fee. Using these tools, your doctor will create a customized plan to optimize your overall health. Your doctor will then walk you through these findings in detail and based on what is uncovered, will devise your own personal program to get you on a path to live your best possible healthy life.

Our Family Plan.

There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our family. So it only makes sense to want to give them the best in medical treatment at every age and stage in their lives. At CompleteMD, we have family plans that allow the entire family the luxury of a doctor who’s invested in the health and wellness of the people who are most important to us.

It’s like having a doctor in the family. Find a plan that’s right for you.



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